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Protect your devices against data loss

Computers are vulnerable to failure, either hardware or via a virus.
In the most extreme cases this can lead to complete loss of your files.
Use our backup services to protect your data.
Backup solutions are varied depending on your requirements and don’t have to cost the earth.

USB Memory backup services

USB Memory

Cheap, small and portable, great for small files or saving documents or school work

Portable Hard drive for backup services

Portable Hard Drive

Large capacity, great for bigger backups including full system images. Much larger capacity than USB and slightly more expensive.

NAS storage device for backup services

Network Attached Storage

The Rolls Royce of local backups. Available in all sizes. Can hold enormous amounts of data and capable of streaming music and video around your home network. Most allow remote access to your files while on the road or on holiday and some models can even be linked directly to a TV via HDMI.

Office 365 with 1Tb online storage

Backup your data online in “The Cloud” Office 365, Dropbox, Livedrive etc. All store your data online and require a subscription.

If you need advice on back ups and would like to take advantage of our backup services please contact us.